22 Perfectly Modern Art Prints for the Kitchen


Above illustration and photo by Louise Lockhart. Find her shop here.

Did you know that colorful kitchens can promote a better appetite? Even if you are striving for that super sleek minimalist look that many love these days, you can add a charming pop of color by hanging art prints in the areas where you cook and eat.


Source: Elle Decoration (photo by Frida Schuler)

Maybe something with a handmade vibe could add a warm human element to your kitchen’s clean lines? Or maybe your kitchen has an old-timey feel that you want to support, but could use a spark of bright color? Below you will find a visual list of work by six international foodie artists who sell prints online. If you are seeking something unexpected and totally unique for the heart of your home, go ahead and scroll through! Any of these prints can be purchased via the shop links under each photo.

“Kookgerei,” “Bietenveld,” “Keukenkameraad,” & “Oogstfeest”

Artist: Lieke van der Vorst



Lieke van der Vorst is the owner of these photos. Find her prints here.

“Sparkly Water” & “Sweets”

Artist: Monika Forsberg


Monika Forsberg is the owner of these photos. Find her prints here.

“Berries & Nuts,” “Rice Print,” “Olive Harvest,” & “Cherry Tomatoes”

Artist: Ana Zaja Petrak



Ana Zaja Petrak is the owner of these photos. Find her prints here.

“Eat + Drink & Be a Friend” (Green or Red)

Artist: Adriana Vawdrey


Screen Shot 2017-09-22 at 4.19.24 PM.png

I am the owner of these photos. You can find my prints here.

“Shop Fronts” & “Food Risograph Postcards”

Artist: Louise Lockhart


Louise Lockhart is the owner of these photos. Find her prints here.

“Pink Cafe,” “Mexican Lady,” & “Pizza Truck”

Artist: Holly Maguire



Holly Maguire is the owner of these photos. Find her prints here.

“What kind of art would look good in my kitchen?”

I really love eclectic design, so the art I hang up rarely matches perfectly with my furniture, or the time period of my house or whatever. I like for things to feel unique and unexpected, but to compliment each other. The limitless freedom in that mindset can be overwhelming (I have a hard time committing sometimes…), because it’s definitely possible to put two things together that do not look nice next to each other. That is the beauty of buying a print, because it’s not a risky investment and is easy to change out when you’re ready to rotate art. If you are eyeing some new kitchen art for your home, but feel unsure if it will look nice with your existing look, here are a few conversations you could have with yourself:

  1. “I already found a print on the internet that I might want to buy. What kinds of textures, lines, and colors does this new piece of art have? Is there anything about this piece that will repeat somewhere else in the room?” A little repetition helps everything feel more put together. 
  2. “Does my kitchen already have a lot going on visually, or does it feel sparse and in need of a focal point with texture and engaging details?” Should you choose a piece which simplifies the space, or which commands more attention? 
  3. “What colors already exist in my kitchen, and have I considered art with a complementing color?” Complementary colors are opposite each other on the color wheel. Reds/Greens, Blues/Oranges, Yellows/Violets. In many cases they tend to look great together. If you have a deep red tone in your hardwood floor, even if it is faint and unsaturated, a piece of art with a lot of green may look great in the same area. Not a hard-and-fast rule, but it’s a great place to start! 
  4. “Is there a photo of another kitchen I can use to inspire my art choice?” You can be inspired by something you have already seen work well, and still come up with a combination that feels unique! 


Source: Design Milk (photo by Brooke Holm)

Which of these modern prints do you love most?

I would love to add more print suggestions to this list, so if you come across another beautiful foodie art print, feel free to share a link in the comments!



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