DIY: (Part 1) How to Draw the Face of Michelangelo’s David


This is my first ever tutorial video! I am so excited to share this drawing lesson, which I created and have taught to students of several ages. If you don’t think you could possibly learn to draw a human face and make it look really good, I challenge you to follow along with this video and give yourself a chance.

This particular lesson focuses on drawing a facial profile, and thanks to Michelangelo, we have David’s beautiful head to practice with! This tutorial is split into two videos. Part one is focused on measurement, proportions, and capturing a likeness. Part two will be launched next week, and is focused on shading, depth, texture, and contrast.



  1. Sheet of paper of your choice (8 x 10″ or even a half sheet will be perfect)
  2. Pencil (any kind is fine for part 1)
  3. Eraser
  4. Photo reference of Michelangelo’s David from

Part 1 Video Tutorial (draw along with me!)

What did you think about this lesson? If you do this on your own or try to teach it to a class, I would love to hear about your experience! I taught this to three 5th grade classes by drawing on the whiteboard while they drew at their desks, and they all did an absolutely amazing job. If you have questions, thoughts, or even ideas for a drawing tutorial you would like see on Paint Lemonade, you can comment here or reach out to me on instagram @paintlemonade. Thank you for stopping by!


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